It is Saturday afternoon 5 pm. I just finished eating and put my plate in the kitchen.
Tonight I’m going into town with the girls for the first time in ages. It has been too long ago .. Dreamily I walk upstairs and I think about how things went last time. At that thought I already know exactly what I am going to do, a beautiful elegant red short dress.
Like a spear I run further upstairs and find my beautiful dress there and lay it down on my bed. Hmm the thought makes me laugh hihi
In the meantime I fill up the bath and undress quietly. In my mind I digress to the last time again, that had gotten out of hand until a nice sex turn in the toilet, it was really great hihi.

I walk naked through the house with that thought in mind, hoping that beautiful boy will be there tonight!
Slowly I take a bath and I enjoy the suds that press against my body.
Slowly I rub myself with soap and close my eyes wonderfully and see myself in that beautiful tight dress. I secretly get a bit horny and catch myself on a finger in my wet pussy.

“Mmm” why not I guess and keep playing until the peak is reached ..
I get out of the bath and start to dry myself. Put on my makeup and put on that beautiful dress.
I look at myself in the mirror and smile, “Yes that looks nice again”
My makeup is nicely neutral, not too much, not too little.
My full cup C breasts look nice and I have a nice ass in it.

I grab my jacket and my bicycle and put on some nice music while I cycle quietly to my best friend.
Once there I put my bike against the fence and I call her that I am there!
She opens the door, see her standing there. Beautiful girl of 24, long blond curly hair, beautiful filled breasts and a very nice smile!
She laughs when she sees which dress I have on. Haha, she says; are you going for it again girl!
while she says that I start blushing. Of course I say, I also have feeling!
She nods and I walk in, there are many more friends there.

I give them a kiss and a hug out of habit and wait until everyone is ready to leave.
When I arrive in the city I already look around. I saw a lot of goodies walking by, but unfortunately not the one boy I want so much to see.
We go into our local pub and order a drink.
and yes there it was behind the bar.
He has strong beautiful upper arms, a beautiful brown face and a sweet smile.
He saw me and a big smile came on his face.
I spontaneously started to sweat and tremble and gave him a smile back.
I sat down with my friends again but secretly kept an eye on him.
Of course he noticed that and soon he came to me and gave me a hug and a kiss.

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