Rome, at the bottom of the Spanish Steps, stood by the fountain in his smooth cloth blue suit. He stood looking at me with his horny look. As a passer-by I noticed him and immediately knew what he meant. We didn’t need a language.

My Italian lover takes me to a church
He beckoned me to come along. He took my hand and we ended up in a church. Together we sat in the pews and he pressed his sexy body against me. Excited I spread my legs slightly. It is getting damp with me and my nipples are getting hard. He is irresistible, my hands naturally go over his body. The thin fabric slides with it.

Sex in the confessional
In the corner of my eye I see the confessional and in a flash I think of mister pastor. My heart immediately overflows with love for this Italian man and I pull him into the confessional. We are handed over to each other in the small space. His hard member makes me horny and so is his tongue. I want to get fucked and I want him to do that. Standing strong, he takes me and pushes on until we cum simultaneously. The sperm runs down my legs and my cunt still vibrates. An unforgettable meeting without a word …

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