It was spring, the tulips and crocuses were in bloom, as well as my juicy pussy.

On the bike I, Lea, tour the polder, armed with two sandwiches and a pack of cigarettes, I stop at a bench to rest and eat. I still have the first bite in my mouth when a gentleman sits down next to me and starts talking. In itself a handsome guy and I get a bit horny when he moves up a bit and sits on my lap.

He also lights up a cigarette and puts a hand on my knee. I get so wounded by it that I feel that my pussy gets wet. I feel his hand go further and further, until he reaches my crotch and puts a finger in my vagina. While talking he continues calmly, first on my clit, then slowly rubs my pee. I let some pee run, frightened and out of horn. Nothing wrong yet, which is an experienced hand, because he knows exactly how to make me hornier.

At the last bite of my sandwich I stop and I moan with a finger in my cave of a total stranger, who has no intention to stop. But suddenly he pulls his finger back when two old people walk in the distance. He still remains silent and pulls me up and leads me into the forest, where there happens to be such a bench. My pussy is now overflowing with horny. He opens his fly and emerges a club of a penis, long and thick.

He takes off my panties in silence and so I sit in my bare ass next to a wildly strange guy, with his cock out of his pants, so stiff, precious. I hope he’s going to fuck me, well my prayer is heard on the spot. And without speaking a single word. He sits down a little so I can fall on it like that. I don’t have to do that myself, he grabs me around my waist and puts me on top of that hard pole. Deeply I feel the big monster coming into me. With little fuck movements, I sit on his lap and then I inevitably cum a second time, and so does he, because his seed warms my entire lower body.

I feel that his erection is decreasing considerably and the monster is popping out of my pussy. A string of sperm follows and makes a white spot on the green moss. And all this without words. It is such a horny experience that I found it blissful. He takes a handkerchief out of his pocket, wipes his nickel, closes his fly again, gets up and slowly strolls on. Leaving me with a pussy full of sperm.

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